Why don't I see my speed?

You may not have location services enabled. To make sure the app can access location services go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> ZuumSpeed -> While Using. 


I still don't see my speed!

Make sure you are under the open sky to have good GPS signal. You may also check the GPS indicator in the top left of the app to see your signal strength, red = no signal, yellow = weak signal and green = full signal. 


Why do i need a heads up display? 

A heads up display or HUD for short, is a digital transparent image that is projected onto the front windshield of a car and displays information such as your current speed without obstructing the drivers view. Also since the data is presented directly in front of the driver your eyes refocus much faster when you switch from the road to the projected speed rather then having to look down at the gauges. This eliminates distractions to the driver and can improve there reaction times by still having them focused on the road. 


How does the Heads up Display work? 

Enabling the HUD mode allows your phone to project your speed onto the windshield as you drive. Best results at night. 

  • Select the HUD mode from the app
  • Adjust the brightness of the display
  • Lock the HUD screen to prevent the screen from rotating 
  • Secure your phone screen side up under the front windshield of your car
  • Watch as your speed is displayed on the windshield 

Why is GPS a few miles faster or slower then what my car speedometer shows? 

The difference is caused by the speedometer in the vehicle. All speedometers very slightly from car to car from the manufacturer, and can be as much as 10%. GPS speed is a lot more precise and is not affected by different tire sizes or other parameters that might affect your cars speedometer.


Custom Backgrounds 

Custom backgrounds are a great way to personalize the main screen of the speedometer. To display an image select Custom Background from the pull up menu on the main screen, then choose the image you like from your photo library. Saved photos downloaded from the bonus content are also stored in your photo library.   


What can I use this app for? 

ZuumSpeed can be used to determine your speed on just about anything. Use it in automobiles, boats, trains, planes, motorcycles, bicycles, ATV's, skateboards, walking, running, and so much more. It uses GPS location to determine your speed.  


Does ZuumSpeed gather information from Location Services?

We do not gather any information about Location Services. Also ZuumSpeed only accesses Location Services while you use the app!   


I have a great idea for an update!

Awesome! We love hearing feed back from our customers on what they would love to see in future updates. Feel free to contact us HERE 


I still have some questions that were not answered

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